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Lithium Solar Generator

2500-Watt Pure Sine Wave Solar Generators

Our 2500-watt pure sine wave systems are a great way to provide a safe and effective power source for your home or business. These solar kits are simple to use and allow you to start storing electricity in minutes. The 2500-watt pure sine solar generator kit provides the same electrical current as your home’s outlet and is safe for electronics of all kinds, including laptops and sensitive medical equipment. We have solar generators with a 2500-watt continuous and 5000-watt peak pure sine wave flow to accommodate the needs of a wide range of appliances.

Our 2500-watt pure sine wave solar powered generators are the perfect solution for outdoor events and emergency situations. These solar generators are extremely durable, reliable and affordable on any budget. Buy today to take advantage of our low prices and fast shipping, or contact us and our experts will help you find exactly what you need.
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Solar Generator 2500 watt 100 Ah solar power generator 2500 watt 200 Ah Solar Power Generator 5000 Watt 200ah Lithium
SOLGEN 25P Solar Generator
Our Price: $1,240.00
Solar Generator
2500 Watt Pure Sine Wave System

This portable solar generator is perfect for outdoor activities and emergency back up power. 5000 Watt Peak 2500 Watt Continuous Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 100 Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery, (1) 150 Watt Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels.

Solar Generator
2500 Watt Pure Sine Wave System - Expandable 200Ah AGM Deep Cycle Batteries & (2) 150 Watt Solar Panels
5000 Watt Peak 2500 Watt Continuous Lithium Solar Generator:
Modified Sine Wave, (2) 100Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries & (2) 100 Watt Solar Panels.